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Big Holiday Sale!

/ 25.12.13

50% off on loads of models and colors including our leather accessories. 


Unit 01/02/03 Shoulder Bag

Complete with padded laptop sleeve and detachable smaller ‘units’ (or Units 02 + 03) for your other bits and pieces - 39EUR!

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Unit 02/03 Additional Storage

The ultimate stuff pouches – allows you to carry even more precious gadgets plus ad personal style to your bag - 12EUR!

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Unit 04 Tablet Bag

Use on its own or attached to any of the main bags in the range - 14EUR!

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Unit 01/02/03/04 Shoulder Bag + Tablet Bag

A set of Unit 01 to pamper your computer, two smaller pouches for dits and dats plus a Unit 04 to protect your iPad - 49EUR!

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Unit 05/06/07/08 Overnight Bag

Boasts ample space for a change of clothes and footwear plus three additional units for toiletries (Unit 06), a laptop (Unit 07) and cables (Unit 08) - 49EUR!

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Unit 09 Travel Document Holder

Keeps all your travel documents in once place - 29EUR! 

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Unit 10 Smartphone Pouch

Designed to protect one of your most precious things, the smartphone - 22EUR! 

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