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"secure and organised way of transporting our prized possessions"

/ 17.09.13

"How many pieces of technology do we each actually own? You need only take a quick look around on the morning commute (lifting your head that’s buried in your iPad, no doubt) to notice how technology savvy the world actually is.

Who has been continuously jostled on the tube by commuters, compromising their stability by determinedly cradling their Kindle in one hand and Android in the other? Or been subjected to a series of questionable playlists blasted from a sea of headphones on the bus? Even the motorway isn’t safe, as you sit in the 8am traffic surrounded by morning meetings taking place via Bluetooth earpieces.

The morning ritual for the majority of us involves frantically grabbing mobiles and iPods and throwing them into jacket, trouser and bag pockets – only to begin the panic inducing ‘pat down’ as soon as you set foot in the office door..."

Unit Portables AW13 collection featured on (17/9-13).