About Unit Portables

About Unit Portables

Equipment for everyday structure

We are surrounded by stuff. Computers, phones, cameras, tablets and a number of other great gadgets. Stuff that makes our private and professional universes work. Stuff that we need, love and want to keep close no matter if at home, at the office or when travelling. And here comes the tricky part: as the number of gadgets grow and get more important, how can you keep them all close at the same time, especially when you're on the move?

Unit Portables is a system of bags and pouches that structures your gadgets in a smart way. Also, it protects your precious pods and gadgets from dangers in the outer world. And for sure, Unit Portables likes to be on the move just as much as you do.


Unit Portables is the outcome of a collaboration between like-minded individuals with varied backgrounds in design, fashion and technology, based in the creative hub of Stockholm, Sweden. This mix of ideas about what makes a perfect bag for a modern life, led to a new way of thinking and the launch of Unit Portables. Each of us now carries laptops, iPads, cameras and more, but there are few options out there that allow you to transport all these in an organised and secure way, whilst also focusing on delivering a cool, fashionable look.


Unit Portables™ most important "raison d'être", as the French people put it, is to fill the gap between boring computer bags and snobbish fashion notebook bags. The beautiful thing however, is that Unit Portables fills both functional needs, as well as being really good looking to an affordable price!

Upcoming Units

Unit Portables is constantly working on more Units. Our aim is to consistently build on to the Unit system with new smart pouches and bags making it even more flexible.

If you have any input on what Units you would like to see us create and/or comments on current Units available on the market, do not hesitate to contact us at info@unitportables.com. We'd love to hear your opinion!

Unit introductory video


Unit Portables is based on a clever numerical system where each unit has its own number. A unit is by definition any bag, pouch or other object within the Unit Portables range.