Custom made for the IMPOSSIBLE  I-type cameras

We have again collaborated with our friends at Impossible and developed a series of accessories custom built for their I-1 camera, so you can take it with you safely and comfortably, wherever you go.

IMPOSSIBLE I-1, the first new camera system in over 20 years for the original instant format. It´s an easy to use point and shoot instant camera with a varitey of unique and innovative features designed to take your photography further.

This genious camera, and custom made case, can be bought directly via Impossible here

The bag

Carry it. The I-1 carry case fits the camera’s unique dimensions perfectly, with a molded foam interior and inner straps to keep it secure. The I-1 can be used while inside the case, with a magnetic tab at the back allowing for quick and easy access.

Storage. It also comes with a detachable pouch that comfortably holds one pack of instant film plus 8 instant photos. The I-1 neck strap can be adjusted for length between 105cm and 158cm. It’s made of soft black fabric, with leather trim at either end, and features the Impossible logo. The hand strap is made of the same fabric, and is 23.5cm long.

You can put your camera in the case with either the neck or hand strap attached, then use the protruding strap as a shoulder strap or handle for the carry case.

Custom made for Polaroid SX-70 type

Unit Portables Carrying Case for all original Polaroid SX-70 and SLR 680 folding cameras. Keep your folding camera at your side, ready to shoot.

The Polariod SX-70 is the ideal camera for instant photographers who want to expand their skillset.

Find out more about the camera, and matching carrying case, here

The bag

Carry it. This multi-purpose bag has been designed to fit the SX-70, SX-70 Sonar and 680 folding cameras. A molded foam interior and inner strap keep your camera secure. The outer strap can be adjusted to fit you.

Storage. The detachable pocket lets you carry a spare film pack, and protects your photos by keeping them warm and shielded from light while they develop.

Custom made for OP-1

Our first official cooperation, Unit 11/12/, a custom made bag for the OP-1 portable synthesizer and accessories.

OP-1 is a genius portable synthesizer created by our friends at Teenage Engineering and its carrying case is available to purchase directly via their homepage. Thus click here to get your ex right now!

The bag

Carry it. The OP-1 Carrying case can be used as is, with a Strap Kit or snapped to our Unit 01 Shoulder Bag so that you can mix and match to bring all your other stuff with you if needed. Your computer, your pens, your dit and your dat… Design your bag to fit your needs. That's the beauty of Unit Portables.

Storage. Unit 11 comes with one extra pocket, Unit 12, designed for your cables or other stuff you may need when you are on the road for that important gig. And if in need for even more storage, just throw in a Unit 13 additional pocket.

The inside