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Unit 16-sale

Unit 16-sale
Unit 16-sale
Unit 16-sale

Unit 16 might be our least fussy bag so far. It could be just a Tote bag,
but we applied the Unit Portables uncompromising approach to comfort
and design. The leather handles do the job of letting you carry your things in comfort, and the canvas stripes on both inside and outside let you attach extra Units of storage if needed.

Combine your Unit 16: Tote Bag with our computer sleeve, Unit 07, and make your Tote bag into a relaxed, but stylish, all round bag.

Material: Polyester and leather
Outside measures: 440 x 370 x 50 mm
Weight: 230g


Detail image of Unit 16
Detail image of Unit 16

The Unit System

White pouches on yellow Unit 01 Blue pouches on red Unit 01

The front and inside of each main Unit (Unit 01 and Unit 05) features strips of heavy duty material with loops across each strip.

These strips allow for each individual unit to be attached using solid poppers to hold them in place.

It is this system that allows you to add, remove and fully customize your Unit Portables computer bag. That´s the beauty of Unit Portables.

Introductory video about Unit Portables