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Unit 18/02/

Unit 18/02/
Unit 18/02/
Unit 18/02/
Unit 18/02/
Unit 18/02/
Unit 18/02/

The Unit Portables System

Carry your precious laptop and other beloved belongings in comfortable style. The inside of the bag is designed with one main roomy compartment, and one narrower along the back to house your papers or files. Included when buying this everyday buddy is also a standalone laptop pocket and one smaller attachable pocket perfectly sized for a tablet mini or other bits and bobs. Plus don’t worry, you will also find our classic canvas straps both on the inside and outside of the bag making it possible to attach additional storage when needed.

Unit 18

Measurements: 34 x 52 x 8.5 cm
Weight: 940g
Material: Water resistant polyester canvas, durable polyester lining and genuine leather details.

Unit 02

Measures: 18 x 21.7 x 1.5 cm
Weight: 120g
Material: Water resistant polyester canvas, soft micro suede lining and genuine leather details


  • Waterproof durable polyester canvas on the outside
  • Refined dirt resistant lining in deviating color for better overview
  • Fuzzy protective lining inside all smaller attachable Units carrying your valuable gadgets
  • Highly protective standalone laptop pocket included
  • Genuine leather details

Laptop Pocket

Outside Measures: 30 x 38.5 x 1.7 cm
Weight: 260g
Material: Water resistant polyester canvas and protective foam with a soft micro suede lining.


The Unit System

White pouches on yellow Unit 01 Blue pouches on red Unit 01

The front and inside of each main Unit (Unit 01 and Unit 05) features strips of heavy duty material with loops across each strip.

These strips allow for each individual unit to be attached using solid poppers to hold them in place.

It is this system that allows you to add, remove and fully customize your Unit Portables computer bag. That´s the beauty of Unit Portables.

Introductory video about Unit Portables